Purchase and Sale Agreement


The purchase of any product on the SANTA LOLLA website (www.santalolla.com.br), owned by VERDEN COMÉRCIO DE CALÇADOS E ACESSÓRIOS LTDA., registered under CNPJ 28.803.454/0003-81, headquartered at Avenida Acesso Rodoviário S/N, Q11 G13, Intermodal Terminal, Serra - ES CEP: 29161-376 (SANTA LOLLA), implies the agreement by the consumer with all the terms and conditions of this Purchase Agreement and Sale of Products, prepared in compliance with Decree No. 7962/2013.

Considering that:

VERDEN COMÉRCIO DE CALÇADOS E ACESSÓRIOS LTDA has as its main activity the commercialization of SANTA LOLLA footwear, bags and accessories via e-commerce; the user is natural person regularly registered with the CPF/MF, with a correctly completed registration; and The user declares be acting in good faith and in the enjoyment of their civil capacity to enter into this Agreement, declaring that you understand, read and are in agreement with all the terms and conditions set forth herein, being able to take any questions regarding the present at the Relationship Center before accepting: (see clause 2.0)


1.0- The object of this contract is the purchase and sale of shoes, bags and accessories of the SANTA brand LOLLA.


2-0- SANTA LOLLA provides the call center on the website to facilitate communication between the user and SANTA LOLLA, so that any doubt, questioning or difficulty can be clarified by our RELATIONSHIP CENTER.


2.0- When making the purchase, the user will be able to choose the payment method, opting for the following modalities: credit card, bank slip or Santa Lolla credit.

Sole Paragraph: A "Santa Lolla credit", mentioned in clause 2.0, is the credit/amount available in the user login, due to the return of a product from a previous purchase.

2.1- After making a request to purchase products on the SANTA LOLLA website, the user must wait for the receipt of notification via e-mail in which you will be informed about the confirmation of the commercial transaction requested (“Purchase and Sale”), provided that the purchase is only considered made/approved after the confirmation of payment, which may take up to 03 working days.

2.2- SANTA LOLLA is reserves the right not to confirm the Purchase and Sale in cases of:
- User with information incorrect or invalid registrations
- Deliveries to be made outside the delivery areas made available by SANTA LOLLA at the time of Purchase and Sale
- Fraud, bad faith, breach of any of the conditions and policies of the site, abuse of rights, and/or other situations that imply violation of legal provisions or illicit enrichment by the User, and/or
- In other hypotheses foreseen in accordance with the applicable legislation

2.3- The value of the Purchase and Sale will be present in the confirmation email, and the User will be provided with the forms of payment provided for on the websitewww.santalolla.com.br at the time of Purchase and Sale.

2.4- Payment by credit card may not be approved if there is inconsistency in the holder's data, provided by the User. The bank slip generated for payment will be valid for 01 (one) business day, being automatically canceled if there is no confirmation payment by the financial institution, which requires a period of up to 2 (two) business days to make it.


3.0- Responsibility for Registration:

3.0.1- The user will register for login and purchase, being responsible for the data provided, which must be entered correctly by the user to avoid conflict in issuing the Invoice, delivery address, incorrect billing, as well as well as other constraints due to incorrect completion by the user.

3.0.2- The user accepts and agrees to provide the data requested for registration/login and to finalize the purchase.

3.1- Return due to regret

3.1.1- The return of products due to repentance can be carried out within 30 (thirty) consecutive days, counted after the delivery of the products at the address registered on the website by the User (Repentance).

First Paragraph: To exercise Repentance, the User must access the MY ACCOUNT section on the SANTA LOLLA website, informing your CPF/E-mail and access password, and select in the MY ORDERS section the order for which want to make a return request. Once the option has been made, the User must click on the button that indicates this REQUEST and fill in the requested information. The user will receive, via email, the confirmation of receipt of your return request, with guidance on the procedures to be followed carried out by the user.

Second Paragraph: The User may choose to:
Be reimbursed for the value of the Purchase and Sale, and such reimbursement will be carried out through the same modality of payment used in the act of Buying and Selling, or Receive Online Credit, which can be used in the SANTA LOLLA's website in up to 1 (one) year, counted from the date of issue, in an amount equivalent to the value of the Purchase and Sale.

In both cases provided for in this paragraph, the User must receive the value equivalent to the Purchase and Sale, which will include the amount paid for freight, if applicable.

Three Paragraph: The return provided for in this clause will only be approved by SANTA LOLLA after verifying:
- The effective return of the product to SANTA's logistics center LOLLA, at the address indicated in the preamble of this Agreement;
- Confirmation by SANTA LOLLA that the product was returned unused, in its original packaging, accompanied by the invoice;
- Approval of the return by SANTA LOLLA's quality control, after analysis that will be carried out within 02 (two) business days.

Paragraph Four: If the User exercises Repentance in disagreement with this clause or Contract and/or if any discrepancy or violation of the returned product is identified, returns will not be accepted and we will return the product to the User without prior notice.

3.2- Return for vice or defect of the product

3.2.1- The return of products that present defect or manufacturing defect may be carried out as long as the request is made within the legal guarantee period of 90 (ninety) days, as it is a durable good, pursuant to article 26 of the Consumer Defense Code.

3.2.2- The user must contact SANTA LOLLA through the Relationship Center, in the HELP section at the bottom of the site, where you must fill in the corresponding form, indicated on the site itself.

First Paragraph: In the event of any product being received with open or damaged packaging or any lack of any accessory or product not in accordance with the purchase, as well as confirming that you have received a different product to what was acquired, the User must immediately notify SANTA LOLLA, through the Central Relationship (see clause 2.0).

Second Paragraph: The user is responsible for inform the person who will receive the product regarding the provisions of the previous paragraph, as well as that the delivery must be refused (returned to carrier) in the possibility of being received with the open or damaged packaging.

Three Paragraph If the User returns the product in disagreement with this clause and/or if any divergence or violation of the product, the return will not be accepted and we will return the product to the User without communication preview.

Paragraph Four: The return of the product to the SANTA LOLLA Logistics Center can be carried out by posting at a post office, with the code provided by SANTA LOLLA, via email sent by the Post Office.

3.3- Reimbursement of values

3.3.1- The amount to be reimbursed will always be the amount paid for the product, present in the Invoice of purchase, regardless of the present value on the day of the request for compensation.

First Paragraph: If it is necessary to return products purchased in promotion, the amount considered will be the amount actually paid for the product by the User, present in the Note purchase tax.

Second Paragraph: In the event that payment has been made through credit card, the reversal will be made on the credit card itself, and will be viewed by User within a period of up to 02 (two) invoices after the completion of the return, which may vary according to the card expiration date. If payment for products has been made by means of a bank slip banking, the reimbursement of amounts to the User will be carried out through a deposit in the current account of the User. holder of the order, within a period of up to 05 (five) working days, counted from the conclusion of the return. If the holder of the order does not have a bank account, a payment order will be made. in none In this case, SANTA LOLLA will make the refund in an account of a holder different from the user who made the payment. Purchase and Sale process.

3.4- Product Conservation

3.4.1- The user, when making purchasing the product, you must observe care for conservation and use, so that you can use it in the right way. correctly to avoid damage to the product. Care instructions can be found at the bottom of the home page of the site and any doubt can also be clarified by the Relationship Center (See clause 2.0).


4.1- The products are delivered on working days, from Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 18:00 and, eventually, on Saturdays during business hours. The delivery period informed to the user is counted only after confirmation, by the financial institution, of the payment of the order, a process that it may take up to 02 (two) business days to be carried out.

First Paragraph: The service of delivery of products is carried out through the Post Office or other carriers contracted by SANTA LOLLA.

Paragraph Two: Delivery may be made directly to third parties, such as porters or relatives, upon signature of the delivery receipt and presentation of document.

Three Paragraph: After completing the order and issuing your invoice, do not it will be possible to make any changes to the address entered for delivery

Paragraph Four: The delivery may not be carried out within the stipulated period due to:
- The absence of the user or another recipient at the indicated address
- The registration data are incorrect
- The refusal of the product by the User or another recipient
- The User's change of address, and
- The occurrence of any force majeure event, such as floods, natural catastrophes, strikes, major accidents proportions or other occasions and/or situations that prevent delivery.

4.2- The this Agreement aims to ensure the facilitated service of the Consumer, under the terms of the provisions of item IV of article 4 of Decree no. 7.962/13.

4.3- SANTA LOLLA reserves the right to cancel the commercial transaction in the event that any situation that characterizes fraud is identified, bad faith, non-compliance with any of the site's conditions and policies, abuse of rights, and/or other situations that imply violation of legal provisions or illicit enrichment.

4.4- A relationship between SANTA LOLLA and the User is regulated exclusively by the legislation applicable to relationships of consumption in the Brazilian territory and by the conditions established in this Agreement.


Clause Eleven: The venue for settling any issue pertaining to this Agreement shall be that of consumer's domicile.

Com a missão de aliar conforto e informação de moda para mulheres de todos os estilos e idades, a Santa Lolla é uma das maiores marcas de calçados e acessórios do país. Com mais de 18 anos no mercado, a marca firmou-se como uma das principais referências de moda no Brasil, antecipando e criando tendências.

Sob o comando dos irmãos Rubens, Vanessa e Fábio, os três começaram a trilhar sua trajetória no varejo na década de 90, motivados no interesse comum pelo universo dos calçados. Após esta primeira incursão, o trio partiu para outra empreitada: o faro apurado para o business de calçados, aliado à vontade de criar suas próprias coleções, impulsionou o surgimento da Santa Lolla, em 2004.

Diante do promissor mercado de franquias e maior know-how do mercado, os irmãos abriram a primeira franquia Santa Lolla, e hoje, a marca de calçados e acessórios femininos está presente em mais de 2.500 pontos de venda, possui uma Concept Store na Oscar Freire, em São Paulo, e mais de 280 franquias em território nacional.

Com um time de estilo afiado que cria cerca de cinco coleções por ano, mais de sete mil itens e novos produtos que abastecem constantemente as lojas e o e-commerce, o público está cada vez mais ávido por novidades e em busca de peças fashion. Desde acessórios e calçados essenciais para o guarda-roupas de qualquer mulher, até peças mais trendy e statement.

Instagram: @santa_lolla
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