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Santa Lolla: one of the main fashion references in Brazil.

With the mission of combining comfort and fashion information for women of all styles and ages, Santa Lolla is one of the largest footwear and accessories brands in the country. With more than 18 years in the market, the brand established itself as one of the main fashion references in Brazil, anticipating and creating trends.

Under the command of the Rubens brothers, Vanessa and Fábio, the three to tread its path in retail in the 90s, motivated by the common interest in the world of footwear. After this first foray, the trio embarked on another endeavor: their keen flair for the footwear business, combined with their desire to create their own collections, spurred the emergence of Santa Lolla, in 2004.

Before the promising franchise market and greater know-how in the market, the brothers opened the first Santa Lolla franchise, and today, the women's footwear and accessories brand is present in more than 2,500 points of sale, has a Concept Store in Oscar Freire, in São Paulo, and more than 280 franchises in the national territory.

With a team of sharp style that creates about five collections per year, more than seven thousand items and new products that constantly supply the stores and the e-commerce, the public is increasingly eager for novelties and in search of fashion items. From essential accessories and shoes for any woman's wardrobe, to more trendy and statement pieces.

Instagram: @santa_lolla
Concept Store: R. Oscar Freire, 835 - Jardim Paulista , São Paulo\/SP