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How to Buy

The SANTA LOLLA website was developed so that you can purchase easier and more objective way.

If you are looking for a certain product or just trying to discover something new, we can to help.

Step 1: Choosing the Product(s)


To find a product you want through navigation, simply click on the appropriate category in the top or side (left) of the page; then choose one subcategory in the menu and finally choose the product you want.


If you want to search for a specific product, through the features or model, just use the search bar, located at the top of the site. The most relevant products will be listed as a result of the search performed.

Search/ Search refinement

When searching with a keyword, the bar left side will assist you with filters so you can have a more complete view of the search result. So you can arrive faster to the desired product.

Step 2: Adding to Cart

When choosing the product, just click on the buttonBUY. Your product will be added to your shopping cart shopping. In this step, you can define the logistical details and promotions for your product. You can:

- Set the quantity of products

- Add new products to list

- Delete an unwanted product

- Calculate the shipping cost

- Enter a promotional voucher

If If you choose to choose other products, you will return to the store. For add another product to the cart, just repeat the previous step. A quickest way to know what's in your cart at the moment is access the link that has the name "My Cart" at the top of the page to the right of every page.

Calculating the shipping cost

On the shopping cart page you can calculate the value the shipping cost of your order. Just put your zip code in the field related to the freight and click on CALCULATE.

Removing products from your Cart

At any time you wish, you can remove an item from your cart. Just click on "My Cart" and you will visualize what you have. On this page you can delete the item from your cart. To delete an item, just click on the "X" button next to quantity side, corresponding to the same.

Step 3: Identification

When defining your shopping cart, just click onFINALIZE PURCHASE. You will be forwarded to the page of identification. If you have already registered, just enter your e-mail and your password to proceed to step 4. If not already registered, just perform a quick registration on our website. You will fill out a form with some information.

If you are already registered but forgot your password just click on the link “Forgot your password?” which is below the e-mail field.

NOTE: the information provided are for exclusive use to carry out order analysis, issuance of invoices and for contacting the user, and are not provided to third parties. Our store is equipped with a security certificate to ensure the protection and secrecy of data provided by the user.

Step 4: Addresses

After identifying yourself, you must confirm the delivery address of the products. Our store allows you to register more than one address delivery for your orders, one per order.

To use the registration address for delivery, click on “Use this address”.

If you choose to enter a new delivery address for your order, just fill in the form and click on the “Save and use this address”. You can also edit an existing address or delete it.

Step 5: Delivery service

When defining the delivery address, you will be asked to choose the service Of delivery. Evaluate the value and delivery time and choose the best meets your need and click on “Proceed”.

If want to change the delivery address just click on “Change delivery address”. You will be directed to the previous step.

Step 6: Payment

You will see a brief summary of your order, with the desired products and defined prices, and with the chosen delivery address. now enough define the payment plan that best suits your purpose:

Credit card

We have several credit card options for our users. You must choose one of the options, enter your card and choose the payment method. Learn more.

Bank slip

You also have the option of printing a bank slip for payment (only for cash purchases).

By defining the payment information, please review all of your order information. If they agree, click on FINALIZE PURCHASE.

The site will inform the number of generated order and a brief summary of it.

Done! Your request was carried out successfully.

Immediately, you too you will receive an order confirmation email. You will be notified of the entire process of your purchase by email and you will also be able to consult the any time in our store the order process through your account.

How to navigate the site

Home Page

On our homepage, you will find product suggestions with prices and special conditions. You will be able to find the best up-to-date offers every day, in addition to featured products. You can also access banners that allow access to exclusive promotions in addition to giving access to Categories and the search tool. It is also possible to access your account, your orders, our policies, payment methods and whether register to receive our newsletter.


If you wanted to search for a specific product, through the characteristics or model, just use the search bar, located at the top and bottom of the site. The most relevant products will be listed as a result of the search performed.

Search / Search refinement

When searching with a keyword, the left sidebar will help you with filters so you can get a more information about the search result. That way you can get there faster wanted product.


In each product category, you will find the main products and promotional campaigns.

You can browse directly through the PRODUCT CATEGORIES located in the navigation bar at the top of the page. Or you can also go directly to a desired subcategory, via the left navigation menu. When accessing a category, the menu can be more detailed, by manufacturer, type of product, among others filters.


At the top of the page and in the footer, you will find links that allow you to speed up your purchases, track your orders and facilitate your navigation through the store, see some examples:

My Account- Register or update your data, including email and delivery address.

Call Center - Here, you clarify your doubts, obtain information about your order and get to know the site better.

My Bag- Here, you can view the products included in your bag, view the total amount and complete the purchase.

Safe Shopping

100% secure purchase!

To ensure 100% secure operation, your purchase details are encrypted. Cryptography is a system of information codification created to guarantee that nobody, in under no circumstances have access to your data. no information travels over the network without being encrypted, using the best systems available on the market. Protection is absolute.

We have the SSL Security Certificate issued by the company SECTIGO BRASIL (formerly “COMODO BR”), which is the largest commercial certification authority. This one certificate confirms the identity of our company and allows the encryption of all information between the server and the user of the website, to ensure the integrity of all transmitted data, ensuring that all transactions carried out on our website are fully reliable and secure.

In addition, data from credit cards used on our site are only registered with the administrator's database, without storing information in our systems.


If the payment option chosen was a bank slip, and you have not yet made the payment, the order will be canceled automatically within 3 days useful, at no cost to you.

If the payment option chosen was a card, it is necessary to wait for confirmation to request cancellation.

To request cancellation, just get in touch with our Relationship Center through from one of our channels informed on the home page ofRELATIONSHIP CENTER.

Different purchase data

After approval of the credit by your card company, we alert you that for your security the information entered in your order may undergo an internal review and will be subject to confirmation. It is confirmation can happen through a telephone contact or e-mail. O delivery time starts to be considered only after the analysis of your requested by our store. You will always be notified, by e-mail, about any change in the processing flow of your order.

After our notification about the divergence of data, your order will remain suspended for 48 hours so that you can send us the information necessary for us to proceed with your request.

We reinforce our commitment to credit card security on the Internet, guaranteeing our users total security on our website.

Difficulty in billing - Boleto

Payment of the Boleto can be made at any bank branch, home lottery or internet banking.

The Boleto Bancário must be paid within 1 day of purchase. Until the due date of the ticket will be reserved for you the product (s) and promotions purchased. After expiration date, your purchase will be canceled and the conditions may be lost.

Print or Reprint the Bill

After selecting the payment method and completing the purchase, you will be automatically opens the page for printing the billet. if not it is possible to carry out the printing at the moment or if the ticket was lost/damaged it is possible to reprint it by clicking on MY ORDERSand accessing your purchase.

After payment is not necessary to send any kind of confirmation. We use an automatic system that within a maximum period of 3 working days will acknowledge your payment and complete the shipping process. You will be informed by e-mail regarding payment confirmation.

Only reprints can be carried out until the 1st day after the closing of the order.

The payment by bank slip is only valid for online purchases. view.

You can pay your ticket through internet:

- On the main page of your bank, enter the data of your account and follow the instructions to login.

- After being “logged in” you will have access to Internet Banking. look for the option to pay bank slip or pay bill. Fill in the data. Ready. Your ticket is paid. Wait for the email from our store confirming The payment.

Difficulty in billing – Card

If it is not possible to complete your purchase, an email will be sent. indicating the problem. When purchasing with cards, these problems may be:

- Divergences: insufficient or inconsistent data for your order to be sent to the card issuer.

- Problems with the credit card.

- Lack of credit limit credit available.

- Card blocked for purchases online.

- There was no reply confirming data.


The total purchase price must be taken into account, not just the plot value. This value must be within the available limit of the your credit card.

For your privacy there are no information about the reasons for cancellation is made available to us due to card issues. For you to have more information about the problem, you need to contact your service provider. credit.

If it is not possible for the purchase to be completed by card is available for purchase by bank slip.

A Once the order is finalized, it is not possible to change the number of installments chosen at the time of purchase.

Any order that results in problems will be canceled soon. Interested in proceeding with purchase, after correcting the error, place a new order.

Delivery time

The deadline for delivery of the products varies according to the place and the form chosen payment method.

The calculation of the delivery time of the order is available in the bag and on the checkout page purchases.

To calculate, just enter the zip code in the field specific item and click onCALCULATE SHIPPING. It will be The name of the service, delivery time and freight cost are displayed.

Attention: The deadline for delivery of the order starts to be considered from the moment we receive confirmation of approval by the institution finance, after validating the registration data.

Change delivery address

After choosing the product, go through the cart, and make the identification, you must confirm the delivery address of the products. Our store allows you to register more than one delivery address for your orders.

To register a new delivery address for your order, simply fill in the form and click the “Save and use this address”. You can also edit an existing address or delete it.

Methods of payment

We offer the following ways for you to make the payment of the your request:

Payment in installments/on credit

Credit cards:

- Visa

- Mastercard

- Elo

- Amex

- Hipercard

The numbers of credit cards provided are registered directly with the bank of data from card administrators, not allowing access to these information from the merchant. When reporting data to the administrator, it performs the verification of the transaction online and returns only if the purchase is released or not.

Cash payment

bank slip o:

For your convenience and safety, after any purchase, your registration information is subject to confirmation. If there is any discrepancy in the data that may lead to a delay in the delivery of the order, you will be informed through the registered email.

Products not available

If you found a product that is not available for purchase, means that the goods may be out of stock or may not be response.

All products with the information “UNAVAILABLE” are checked daily for stock adjustment. Replacement is often not possible. because the goods are out of stock or may not be replaced.

For be notified as soon as this item is available for purchase, if be restored, register your e-mail in the area "Notify me when this product becomes available" and you will receive an email notice when the stock is updated.

Delivery service

We carry out our deliveries via Post Office and/or contracted carriers for us. We deliver nationwide all products available for sale on the website, with limited coverage by the contracted companies. To check availability, inform the zip code of the delivery address after clicking CALCULATE FREIGHT, within the details page of the products or in the shopping cart/bag.

It is not possible schedule date and time for deliveries.

Receipt of the merchandise can be carried out by third parties, such as porters of condominiums and family members, as long as they sign the proof of receipt of the goods and are over 18 years old.

For deliveries made by the Post Office, three attempts are made to deliver the product on consecutive business days. Occurring three delivery attempts without success, the product will be returned to our Distribution Center. For a new shipment, the first delivery period is valid again. informed.

Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday during business hours, which may eventually occur at Saturdays.

There are some restricted delivery areas defined by the Post Office. In these areas there may be delays in delivery or collection of the package at the post office defined by them. AND It is important to clarify that this procedure is outside the control of SANTA LOLLA and that the restricted areas can be changed at any time moment by the Post Office. We'll always let you know if your zip code is in any these areas at checkout.

Deliveries of our orders are subject to possible delays for reasons alleged by Correios and carriers, such as rains storms, floods, accidents and/or strikes in the region where the product should be delivered.

The delivery date starts counting from from the approval of the payment.

In order for your order to be delivered safely, always have a guardian over the age of 18 at the delivery address to receive it.